Sales turnover averages between 40%-50%. Companies struggle to identify the right sales people, develop and retain them. Reducing turnover by dramatically improving Hiring and Management of Sales staff directly increases corporate growth. Our Sales Solutions include:

  • Organization Assessment: Aligning organizational culture with a sales structure that delivers results is a foundation for success. Most sales organizations are designed to fail before the first sales person is hired. Getting this right is the key to Xsell.
  • Staff Optimizer: With Sales Turnover at 40-50% annually, most organizations struggle to identify, hire, and train successful sales people. Xsell Optimizer bridges this gap and launches companies into sales success.
  • Management & Alignment: Sales management is a difficult challenge for most organizations. Aligning goals, tracking progress, and defining compensation are anathema for many left-brained, creative sales people. Making sales management ‘easy’ is the key to Sales Xsell.
  • Outsourcing: When focusing on core competencies, many successful organizations have determined they are much better at developing products and executing delivery than creating sales opportunities. That’s where Xsell Outsourcing takes over. Sales Xsellence is our bread and butter.


75% of all CEOs fail due to an inability to execute a strategy. Gaining a comprehensive assessment, defining a cohesive strategy, then linking strategy to execution is the key to profitable growth. Our Strategy Solutions include:

  • 9Lenses Assessment: A comprehensive analysis of every aspect of the business, in a structured, comprehensive manner, reveals the gaps and needs to realize strategic success. Our solution reveals these gaps and aligns the organization to attain its goals.
  • Strategy Execution: Organizations waste countless resources with consultants to define their strategy. You know your market and competition. Defining a structure for executing your strategy involves management discipline and alignment.
  • Leadership Assessment: Every business is a people business, run by people and executed by people. Defining the key traits of the leadership team versus their role is essential to getting the rest of the enterprise to be successful. Xsell at Leadership and everything else is easy.
  • Acquisition Model Alignment: Organizations that use acquisitions to grow know the financial due diligence well. Having a comprehensive model that allows them to understand risk and hidden value is a major gap. Increasing success rates of each transaction unleashes capital and financial returns.


Most organizations can dramatically reduce waste & process variation, thereby reducing cycle time by 50% and increasing EBIDTA by 5-10 points. Improving fulfillment capability directly results in customer retention and growth. Our Operations Solutions include:

  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS): Speed to market, aligning market and customer needs with product portfolio, is critical to creating value. Xsellerating this process separates first to market from the pack.
  • Lean Six Sigma (LSS): Eliminating Waste and Reducing Process Variation. Whether in Mfg, Customer Service, Product Development, or Back-Office, firms that Xsell are lean and mean.
  • Supply Chain Management: Plan-Source-Make-Deliver. Optimizing each link in the Supply Chain.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Manage what you measure and you measure what’s important. KPI-based management keeps an organization focused on the goals of the strategy.

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