In My Footsteps

Sales are hard. 

  • Hiring the right people is challenging
  • Getting predictable results is elusive
  • Managing sales people is difficult

Ever say these things yourself?  Ever wonder where the next sale is coming from or how to spark the next level of growth?  If misery loves company, when it comes to sales, it’s hard to find a room large enough to hold all the frustrated business leaders.

We started XSell Solutions because we believe that the key to growth is to optimize Sales, Strategy, and Operations to unleash the full potential of an organization.  Defining the right Strategy to advance a company at each growth stage is challenging;  we are partnering with 9Lenses to unlock the key to successful Strategy using this powerful technology for our customers.  Driving the most efficient and effective Operation unlocks strong value for employees, owners, and stakeholders; we have decades of experience making companies work better.  We will discuss all of these areas but for now, we begin this blog by focusing on Sales, as this is the area companies struggle with the most.

We will share with you our passion for XCellence – To help leaders and companies hire better, grow better, and manage better.  So I will take you on a journey to share my experiences in generating growth.  I have led organizations through many growth stages and am one of the few business leaders who actually enjoy sales and think it is a noble profession.

Underpinning this blog will be a continual discussion of Humble Leadership as the key attribute for success & happiness in business, family, and personal life.  Take this journey and engage with me “In My Footsteps”.

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